About the Challenge

Students ranging age group of eight to nineteen can participate in this challenge, group of three students to find a name for the team and enter into the contest. Each team to design, build, test, and race the drone to be the winner of the challenge.

Drone challenge to be held on 29 th April 2020.


The Phases

The drone team need to design, build, test, and race the drone to be the winner of the challenge

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Solution Design

Develop a drone-based solution to the problem announced by Drone in schools
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Build a Drone

Design and Build a drone using resources provided by drone in schools
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Code a Drone

Develop an optimal code for the drone to solve the problem revealed by Drone in schools
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Drone Challenge

Teams will be challenged with the problem solving, obstacle handling and piloting skill


Each team go through multiple evaluation process before they are selected as the winners

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Project Presentation

Each team will prepare a presentation that will cover all aspects of the project and present it to a panel of judges
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Engineering Judging

Judges interview teams to learn how their drones have been build and why particular design features were chosen

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Technical Evaluation

Judging coding of drone to scrutinize every dimension to check they comply with the mission
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Piloting Skill

Teams compete to see if they have a winning racing drone