A Virtual Drone Summer Camp offer one of a kind opportunity for participants to experience magnetic appeal of drones through building, coding, and racing. Through this camp, participants get connected to the real-world drones with hands on activities of Assembling and Building a drone, along with our DIY Drone kits delivered to each participant. Packed into a weekly 90 minutes per day session in two batches, each session will ... enable the participants to receive a unique learning experience where they acquire new skills and challenges. A specially designed Drone Simulator will let them try out their coding and flying skills, and finally get to compete with other participants in the multi-player online drone racing championship.


Day 1

> Introduction to Drone

> What are Drones? Science behind how a drone fly

Day 2

> Drone Designing

> Learn Tinker Cad Learn how to design your own Drone

Day 3

> Drone Coding

> What is Coding Learn how to use block programing to control your Drone using our specially designed Drone Simulator

Day 4

> Drone Assembling

> Understand the components of Drone Learn how to Assemble a Drone using our DIY Drone Kit

Day 5

> Drone Race

> Virtual Drone championship in which participants compete against each other to become the winner



Batch 1

> Age: 8 - 18

> Time: 10:00 - 11:30

> Duration: 5 Days

> Cost: AED 490.00

> Start date : 16th Aug